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Sunday, February 20, 2005

Balloon Dog

Has anybody else see this from Sci-Fi channel? Here I go again another mental image forming. In a an agency you have the Sci Fi channel guys and gals on one side and the agency creative staff on the other. Here's what I think must of transpired.

Sci Fi: "We need a good segway from our commercials to our main content. Have you some ideas?"

Ad guys:grumbling noises

Sci Fi:"Well?"

Ad guys:still more grumbling noises.

Sci Fi:"And"

Ad guys:"Let's see, I've got an idea. Why don't we put a guy on stage pretending to be a one of those kiddy balloon freaks you see at Chuckee Cheese. Then you add the dog, you know dogs are always good advertising. Kids love'em. Wait, wait I think I've got it now. We'll have the balloon freak blow into the dogs ass til the dog's head explodes into a cartoon dog head. It gets better, he does this Multiple times until the whole dog is just one huge pissed off cartoon dog who's just had some weirdo blowing air up his ass."

Sci fi:

Ad guys:

Sci Fi:Brilliant!!!