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Thursday, March 03, 2005

Constitutional Right not to be Offended

The Harvard Crimson Online :: News

Where in the world do people get the idea the life is supposed to be comfortable and non offending? I'm offended daily by numerous things including my dog shitting in my livingroom. Now that IS offensive.

Students said that some of Pinkett Smith’s remarks concerning appropriate gender roles were specific to heterosexual relationships.

So this is enough of a provocation to get these fools underoos in a bind?

BGLTSA Co-Chair Jordan B. Woods ’06 said that, while many BGLTSA members thought Pinkett Smith’s speech was “motivational,” some were insulted because they thought she narrowly defined the roles of men and women in relationships.

“Some of the content was extremely heteronormative, and made BGLTSA members feel uncomfortable,” he said.

Calling the comments heteronormative, according to Woods, means they implied that standard sexual relationships are only between males and females.

And what's wrong with "standard sexual relationships are only between males and females" seems to have worked for millennia.

In order to discuss these concerns and ensure that such a misunderstanding doesn’t occur again, Paulus said the BGLTSA and the Foundation are planning a joint breakfast later this week as well as a general discussion forum for all of the SAC member groups.

Paulus added that the Foundation will issue a letter later this week apologizing for any offense the show might have caused and encouraging concerned students to attend the planned discussions.

According to Paulus, the letter will acknowledge that “Pinkett Smith was just giving the story of her life. She just told things from her perspective, and her perspective was a heterosexual perspective. She wasn’t trying to be offensive. But some felt she was taking a narrow view, and some people felt left out.

This Paulus person is a weakkneed panty waste. Don't you just love the tolerance of these people, to have a different opinion than those of the anointed ones is considered offensive. I thought the whole idea of a education was to broaden ones perspective about life and the world, train the mind to think with clarity and to help prepare the students for life after they're done with their education?

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