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Monday, March 07, 2005

Monkey Attacks

I was listening to the my local AM radio station this morning when at the bottom of the hour newscast they were airing an interview with the wife of the guy who got attacked by monkeys in California. I could believe what I was hearing. I have to find the video or transcript somewhere because she said at the end of the clip, I'm paraphrasing here, "he was just trying to "reason" with them". The guy has one monkey chomping on his foot and the other monkey munching on his head and he wants to "reason" with them. Jimminy Crickets what was this guy thinking? Once he get's well, he definitely has another career choice, French Diplomat.
One was at his head, one was at his foot. But all that time ... he was trying to reason with them," a sobbing LaDonna Davis told "Good Morning America." "I couldn't do anything.

In order to find this I did a google of "monkey attacks". OMG think the Planet of the Apes thing is in full swing. Here are just a few from the first page.
Monkey 1
Monkey 2
Monkey 3
In the last one in the opening paragraph.
TOKYO (AP) -- A rogue monkey believed to be searching for a mate has attacked 23 women in a northern Japan town, police said Tuesday.

About a dozen police and 30 town officials were searching for the monkey, said Shigeru Arai, deputy chief of police in Suwa town, about 100 miles northwest of Tokyo.

The attacks began Monday, when the monkey bit 14 women as they put out garbage or left home for work, Arai said. Nine more women were attacked Tuesday, he said. Most of the victims were ages 50 to 80.