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Thursday, March 17, 2005

My first DU koolaid drinker

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Looks like I have my first visitor form the DU koolaid drinking crowd. Mark from commented from a post I did regarding Jon Stewert/Nancy Soderberg exchange on "The Daily Show". He asked me "Did I actually watch the video? or just read the misleading transcript?" Well I always thought the transcript was WHAT THEY SAID? How do I fight against such brilliant logic? I know I should just write it off as nonsense fromm the DU crowd but I decided to take a look at this enlightened ones blog. Boy did I find some choice stuff. In a post titled " Do the Body Count!" I found where he's coming from. His first sentence is a logical conumdrun.
Despite my certified anti-Iraq War credentials, I was in favour of removing Sadam Hussein from power through the use of force.
So how was he to remove Saddam without force? More UN sanctions? Magical fairy dust? He's for using force without using force, sounds just like Kerry.
I liken the situation from the end of the first Gulf War through to 2002 as a hostage situation. We were sitting behind our barricades, negotiating, making at times dubious trades with the gunmen in order to keep the hostages fed, and generally sitting on our collective behinds waiting for some sort of resolution to present itself.
Now who was the sitting President when we were doing this "sitting on our collective behinds" through the 90's?
It had become clear that we were going to grow very old waiting. In the meantime, what of the hostages? What of their lives, their liberty, their human rights? There comes a moment in any standoff when it's time to act and resolve the matter.
Who was the one the decided we were going to "act and resolve the matter"?
So yes, I could have supported invading Iraq, maiming and killing people, threatening to further destabilize a troubled region, mostly in the name of liberty, a little in the cause of world safety.
What about the "maiming and killing of people" already going on in Iraq for the prevoius 30 years? Mass graves, rape rooms, gassing of the Kurds and choking off the marsh Arabs by Saddam and his henchmen? What's more destablizing to a region than attacking 2 of your neighbors? One of which happend to be my fathers homeland.
By late 2002, I had dropped my support for the war for two reasons:

* It was clear the WMD threat was being massively exaggerated
* There was no sign of a serious reconstruction and democratization plan
First bullit point here
The NYT isn't exactly pro Bush but I suppose the article is some sort of right wing conspiracy. Second bullit point, take a look at anything at Cherkoff and you will find a plethora of information not reported by the MSM to debunk this false premise. I'm too tired to get into the rest his post at this moment. It's St. Paddy's day damn it and I've got to do my share to reduce the supply of Guiness!
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